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Light, Humidity & Temp Sensor
Light, Humidity & Temp Sensor
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The Light, Humidity, and Temperature Sensor monitors your home environment and transmits measured illuminance (lux), humidity, and temperature to the Abode hub.


LED Status Light Guide

  • Flashes once: Factory Reset

  • Flashes twice: After the sensor has successfully joined a ZigBee network.

  • Flashes 3 times: Battery inserted.

  • Flashes 5 times: Low battery detected when inserting battery.

  • Flashes once every 20 minutes: The sensor has lost connection to its current ZigBee network.


Lighting, Humidity and Temperature Monitoring

The sensor measures illuminance, humidity and temperature to transmit measured data to the Abode Gateway.

  • Illuminance reading is transmitted every 30 minutes.

  • Humidity and temperature reading is transmitted every 10 minutes.

The sensor will also transmit signal automatically when...

  • The temperature changes by +/- 2°C.

  • Humidity changes +/- 10%.

  • When the current illuminance changes by +/- 10%.

You can also press the 'Function' button once to transmit current reading manually.

Battery and Low Battery Detection

The sensor features Low Battery Detection function. When the battery voltage is low, the sensor will transmit Low Battery signal to the Abode hub.

When changing battery, after removing the old batteries, press the 'Function' button twice to fully discharge before inserting new battery.

If low battery voltage is detected upon inserting new battery, the LED indicator will flash 5 times.


The sensor will transmit a supervision signal along with the reading signal to report its condition regularly. The factory default interval is 30 minutes, which is a fixed setting.

Pairing Guide

  1. Remove the sensor and battery from the box, and access the adobe web app, navigate to the Devices page, and then click on the “+”.

  2. In the Add Device dialog, select the Other Devices tab. Your gateway is now ready to pair your device.

  3. Insert the battery into the device then press and hold the Red button on the inside of the sensor until you see the face of the sensor flash red. (About 15 seconds)

  4. The device will show up in your device list, select Add and follow the wizard to complete the pairing process.

  5. That’s it! The Temperature, Humidity, and Light sensor is now paired with your Abode system!

If the sensor does not successfully pair, remove the battery and press the button 4 times to reset the sensor, then repeat the pairing process

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