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How to Create Device Groups
How to Create Device Groups
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The Abode App offers the ability to Group the devices in your Abode home. By default devices are grouped by device type (Camera, Motion, etc.) but you are free to configure your devices any way you’d like.

To allow you to create groups which meet the needs of the different users in your family, our grouping preferences are configurable per Abode account. This means each user will be able to configure their own grouping settings.

How to Create a New Device Group

1. On the "Devices" tab of your Abode App click the "+" at the top right.

2. Click "Add Group"

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3. Select a Preset Room option for your Group. If you want to add a custom Group name, scroll down and select custom.

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4. Edit the name of your Group as required

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5. Select the devices that you want in this Group. Please note that devices can only be in 1 Group at any one time.

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6. Tap Done, and your new group is complete.

"Device Faults" Group

Anytime there is a sensor fault, this device will be placed into the "Device Faults" group. This group only appears as an exclamation mark at the top of the Devices tab when there are device faults. If there are no device faults in your Abode home you will not see this icon.

"Ungrouped" Devices

When you have a devices that have not been assigned to a group they will show underneath the created Groups at the bottom of your Device tab. If there are no ungrouped devices in your Abode home, you will not see any devices here.

How to Ungroup or Delete an Existing Group

You can ungroup/delete an existing group by navigating into the Group, selecting the Settings cog icon, and selecting Delete Group.

How to Rearrange Groups

Groups in the Device tab cannot be re ordered - they will display in alpha numeric value.

Groups on the Dashboard can be re ordered on the dashboard using the Edit Dashboard function.

How to Rename & Rearrange Devices within a Group

Devices cannot be renamed from within a Group - they need to be renamed in the individual settings.

Device order within a Group is determined by alpha numeric value, and cannot be changed.

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