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Key Fob
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The Abode Key Fob is an accessory for the Abode system and is included in each starter kit. Each Key Fob can be assigned to a different user by naming it for the corresponding user. Arming or Disarming your security system with your key fob does not require a code to be entered. Your key fob will function anywhere within a 100-foot range from the hub.


Pairing Guide

If your key fob came with a starter kit it will already be paired with the hub.

  1. On the Devices page, click on the large plus (+) at the top of the screen. This will pop up the Add Device screen, then click on the Other Devices tab at the top of that screen, this will place the hub into the Pairing Mode.

  2. When the screen pops up that says your hub is in the Pairing Mode.

  3. Press down any one of the buttons on the Key Fob and release.

When the hub receives the pairing signal transmitted from the device, the gateway will emit 2 beeps to confirm it has been accepted, and the screen will display the device information for selection and the option to name the description of the device.

Parts Overview


Away Button – Activates the Armed Away mode when the user is leaving the home. (Both interior motions and perimeter door/window devices are On)

Home Button – Activates the Armed Home mode which enables the user to remain in the home and move freely about while the perimeter doors and windows with sensors are armed. (Interior Off and Perimeter On)

Disarm/Standby Button – Places your system into the disarmed/standby mode.(Fire and water sensors, always on)

Panic Button – In the event of distress, this button activates the system alarm when pressed for five seconds. Contact our support staff to request activation of the button into a panic button.

LED Signal Indicator – lights up red when the Key Fob is transmitting a signal. When pressing one of the buttons, hold it down until the red LED indicator goes out to ensure a signal is sent.


Keypad not arming

This occurs when there is a system fault preventing your system from arming as normal such as a door sensor not registering as closed. You can either open the Abode App to see what your fault is to address it or you can re-enter your PIN and arm the system to your desired status to override the fault and arm anyway.

Factory Reset

If your Key Fob begins to operate inconsistently or stops working altogether, follow these steps below to factory reset your device.

  1. Please delete the device from your account in the Abode App.

  2. Remove the rubber cover of the device.

  3. Separate the two halves to and remove the battery.

  4. Press any button on the device 10 times to remove any remaining charge.

  5. Replace the battery and add it back to your Abode devices using the computer once again.

Tech Specs

Size & Weight

Height: 2.06 inches
Width: 1.35 inches
Depth: 0.55 inches
Weight: 20.6 g


Battery: CR2032 3V 230mAh Lithium coin cell battery

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