Mini Door/Window Sensor
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Get alerted every time your door or window opens and closes with a chime & notification. The Sensor Body and Magnet adhere to door/window and frame side-by-side and allow for a gap between the two of up to 0.75“. If your door or window is slightly inset from the frame you can layer the included Magnet offset spacer to ensure they match up. With a battery life of up to 4 years and tool-free installation, the Mini Door Sensor is the reliable, minimalist approach to protecting your home. This sensor is a powerful home security and home automation device. Use it to trigger burglary alarms and trigger CUE Automations to enhance your smart home.


Parts Overview

  1. Magnet

  2. Magnet Alignment Area

  3. Battery Tab (pull out before pairing)

  4. Pairing/Test Button

  5. LED Status Light

  6. Red LED Light

  7. Battery

  8. Mounting Holes (knockouts)

  9. Enclosure hooks

  10. Tamper Compression Mark

LED Status Light Guide

In normal operation the LED Status Light remains off except in the following situations:

  • When the sensor battery is low

  • When the sensor is in test mode and magnet is moved close to the sensor and when it’s pulled away

Pairing Guide

1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Abode App installed on your mobile device. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device, select the Menu (≡).

2. Tap "+ Add Device" from the list.

Mini 1

3. Tap "Door & Window Sensors".

Mini 2

4. Tap "Mini Door Sensor".

Mini 3

5. Have the sensor and magnet unboxed and ready to set up, then tap "Continue".

Mini 4

6. Press the Pairing/Test Button on the back of the Sensor Body one time when prompted. The red LED status light will flicker and the device will be added. When the device is added successfully a green checkmark will show next to the discovered device.

Mini 5

7. The next page will ask that you name your new sensor, then your Mini Door/Window Sensor will be paired and ready to use

Mini 6

8. Steps 4 and 5 share installation tips to assist in a quick and easy mounting of your new sensor.

Mini 7

Mini 8

After pairing the Mini Door/Window Sensor with the hub, you can perform a simple test by placing the Magnet over the Magnet Alignment Area. When you pull the magnet away from the sensor you should hear the hub chime (if sounds are enabled), and see a door open event appear in the Timeline of the Abode App. This can be useful when choosing the location to install the sensor so that the sensor is installed within wireless range of the Abode hub.

Test Mode

Use this mode to test the wireless range of your door sensor and mounting location(s) before committing to installation. Test Mode will remain active for 3 minutes. The door sensor can be put into Test Mode by pressing the Pairing/Test Button on the back of the sensor one time. During Test mode, the LED Status Light will turn on upon triggering. With each press on the Pairing/Test Button, the Mini Door Sensor will transmit a test signal to the Abode Hub.

Installation Guide

Installation Tips

  • Installation allows for a gap of up to 0.75" between the Sensor Body and Magnet. If the two components cannot be placed this close together, consider using a Motion Sensor or security camera to protect the room instead.

  • Avoid mounting the sensor near metal objects such as door locks and metallic door frames that could possibly cause the magnet to malfunction.

  • When mounting the door sensor and the magnet, make sure both are aligned to each other to allow optimal opening/closing detection.

  1. Remove the adhesive backing from one side of the Velcro mounting strip and firmly secure the strip to the back of the Mini Door Sensor Body.

  2. Remove the adhesive backing from the Magnet, and remove the adhesive backing from the other side of the Sensor Body Velcro mounting strip.

  3. Make sure the mounting surfaces are cleaned and dried, then firmly press both the Sensor Body and Magnet to the desired door or window/frame. Be sure to align the sensor magnet to the Magnet Alignment Area (textured surface) of the Sensor Body which is located between the two alignment marks.

  4. If needed, use the included rubber sensor Magnet offset spacer to create optimal alignment with the Sensor Body. Some door and window frames will not allow for a reliable connection between the Sensor Body and Magnet without the offset spacer. Use the included spare Magnet adhesive strip to mount the rubber offset block first, then mount the Magnet directly to the offset block.

Installation Examples


Magnet Parallel to Sensor Body


Magnet Perpendicular to Sensor Body

Battery Guide

The Mini Door/Window Sensor uses 1x replaceable CR2450 Lithium battery. It has an estimated battery life of 4 years under normal operating conditions. The sensor is also capable of detecting low battery. When the battery is low, a low battery signal will be sent to the Abode Hub and you will receive a notification in the Abode App. The LED status light on the Sensor Body will light up when the sensor battery is low. The Mini Door/Window Sensor operating temperature is 14° to 113° F. Extreme cold temperatures will damage the battery, so use caution when using this device on perimeter doors or windows if it is exposed to harsh environments.

Changing the Battery


  • After the battery has been removed, press the Pairing/Test button 5-6 times to fully discharge before inserting the new battery

  • Make sure the battery mark with the positive side (+) is faced upwards when inserting the battery

  1. Use a coin or a flat-headed screwdriver to fit into the cover opening gap

  2. Rotate the coin/screwdriver to pop open the case

  3. Remove the CR2450 coin cell battery and replace with the new battery. Ensure the negative (-) side is facing down.

  4. To replace the cover, make sure the Tamper Compression Mark is aimed at the Tamper Switch

  5. Fit the Enclosure Hooks into the bottom latches of the front cover, push it downwards, then push forward the entire back cover to close it until you hear a click sound.

Tech Specs

Size & Weight
Sensor Body: 2.09 x 1.20 x 0.40"
Sensor Magnet: 1.0 x 0.70 x 0.30"
Gap: Allows for a gap of up to 0.75″ between Sensor Body and Sensor Magnet
Weight: 1.20 oz

Connectivity & Integrations (Abode Hub required)
AbodeRF (433Mhz)
Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, CUE automations

Battery: 1x CR2450 Lithium (pre-installed, replaceable)
Expected Battery Life: Up to 4 years

Not rated for outdoor use
Operating Temperature: 14° to 113° F
Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing


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