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Acoustic Glass Break Sensor
Acoustic Glass Break Sensor
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The Acoustic Glass Break sensor is a sound discriminating device specifically tuned to detect several different thicknesses and types of glass breakage. To insure the glass breakage detection and minimize false alarms, two frequency bands are utilized and the amplitude and timing of the separated channels are analyzed before an alarm condition can occur.

Although this technology will mitigate most false alarms while the home is armed away and not occupied, while armed in the home mode and the home is occupied, false alarms can occur when out of the ordinary sounds are detected, such as pots and pans hitting the floor, extremely loud music etc. Although the sensitivity can be lowered, the catch factor of breaking glass will also be lowered.

The device is fully supervised, and tamper‐protected. Locate the sensor on the ceiling or wall‐mounted within 25 feet detection range of the glass that is to be protected. 360°maximum horizontal sensing angle, and dual‐stage glass break detection. (Sensitivity setting is defaulted to highest range)


Parts Overview


  1. Green LED Indicator (Inside) - Low frequencies

  2. Red Indicator (Inside) - High frequencies

  3. Microphone

  4. Dip Switch

  5. Battery Compartment

  6. Pairing/Test Button -Press the button once to send a pairing signal to the gateway

  7. Tamper Switch -The tamper switch is compressed against the back cover and protects the sensor from cover opening or removal from mounted location

  8. Breakaway Area: Has 2 knockouts where plastic is thinner for screw mounting. When the sensor is forcibly removed from mounting location, the Break Away area will detach and allow tamper switch to be activated. Optional mounting 2-sided tape is also included for easy mounting on a flat surface instead of using screws.

Pairing Guide

Insert the battery to power on the device.

  • Use the web app to pair the device into the gateway

  • Press the Pairing /Test button once to transmit pairing code to the gateway.

The Glass Break sensor should be mounted on ceiling or wall. There should be no obstacles between the Installed sensor and the window being protected. Curtains, window drapes and tall furniture or walls can interfere with detection range.

Installation Guide

Mounting Location

  • Mount away from sound source, such as speaker, air condition or motor.

  • Mount with as much distance from window or door as possible to avoid external sound interference.

  • Use the included 2-sided tape to adhere the sensor to a flat surface, be sure to clean the surface first.

  • Optional mounting using the break through knockouts on back cover and use them as template to mark position on wall/ceiling, then drill holes at marked location and screw the back cover onto the wall/ceiling, insert wall plug if needed. See #8 breakaway area.

  • Replace the sensor main body onto the back cover. Make sure the cover is properly closed and the device is fixed to the flat surface.

  • When adding the sensor to your gateway, you will need to use the Abode Web App. Log into your account at and follow the three steps below.


Supervision Signal
When the Glass Break sensor is in normal operation, it will transmit a supervision signal regularly every 30 to 50 minutes.

The Glass Break sensor uses a 3V CR123A Lithium battery. The Glass Break sensor can detect low battery voltage. When low battery voltage is detected, a low battery notification will be sent to the web and mobile app. When changing battery, press the pairing/test button a couple times to discharge after removing battery before inserting a new one.

Sensitivity Settings
The Glass Break sensor sensitivity can be adjusted using the two dip switches. Adjust the sensitivity to change sensor range. The sensitivity is factory set for Maximum Protection.


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