Outdoor Siren
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The Outdoor Siren is used to attract attention when an alarm signal is received from the Abode Gateway, by activating its siren and strobe light. The siren will also alert you to tamper violation and low battery status as well.


Parts Overview


  1. Tamper Switch

  • The Tamper switch will be activated when the Siren is removed from the mounted surface, or when its cover is opened.

  1. Battery Compartment

  • The Siren is powered by two 1.5V D-Cell alkaline batteries.

  1. Battery Switch

  2. Wall Mounting Holes x 3

  3. Learn Button

  4. LED 3 & 2 & 1 (From Left to Right)

Function Overview

Alarm Memory

If an alarm was triggered in your absence and the system was not disarmed before alarm length expiry, the Siren will sound a short alarm when the system is disarmed to warn the user that an alarm has been triggered while away. This suggests that an intruder could still be within the premises.

Alarm Length

When an alarm is activated, the Abode Gateway will notify the siren to start alarming in accordance with the Abode Gateway alarm length setting. When the alarming length expires, it will notify the siren to stop the alarm.

If the siren does not receive the signal to stop the alarm, it will sound the alarm for a maximum of 15 minutes, then stop the alarm.

For example:
If the Gateway alarm length is set more than 15 minutes, after an alarm is activated, instead of waiting for alarm length to expire, the siren will stop alarming after 15 minutes.

If the system is under disarm mode and the siren tamper switch is triggered, the siren will activate the alarm for 15 minutes since the system is under disarm mode and will not activate alarm from tamper trigger.

​​Siren Tamper (Please read this important info to prevent a tamper issue!)

The siren is protected against any attempt to open the lid or to detach the siren from its mounting surface.If the siren detects a tamper condition, it will activate the siren & strobe light for the programmed alarm period. A tamper signal will be sent to the Abode Gateway along with regular signal transmissions to display the status accordingly. If the tamper condition persists, the siren will sound a series of five beeps either every time the system is armed or when the tamper is enabled, to indicate a fault.

When first powering up the siren, it will temporarily prevent the tamper from causing the siren to sound for one hour. This function is mainly designed for replacing the battery or changing siren installation location. After one hour, the system will automatically reset and turn the function back ON after the duration.

The tamper detection can also be enabled again manually using the Siren Tamper function.

Important: The siren tamper switch is located inside the siren. It is a mechanical switch that is not only pressed in when the cover is closed it must also be pressed in when the siren is mounted on a flat surface. When viewing the back side of the sirens base you will find a black square button that when pressed in, and the cover is closed it will deactivate the tamper switch on the inside of the siren.

If you’re not mounting the base of the siren on a flat surface or if you think that the surface that you are mounting it on may not press in this black square tamper button in all the way. Then you will need to make a modification to the tamper switch metal arm and bend the arm so that the cover presses it in when closed.

The Black square tamper plunger button located on the back of the base, must be pushed all of the way in if mounting on a flat surface. If your not mounting it on a surface, or your mounting it on an uneven surface, you must modify the tamper switch metal arm so that the cover will push in the tamper switch arm to prevent a tamper trouble from showing up on the web app and causing a fault when your trying to arm the system.

Audio & Visual Status Indication

While arming/disarming the system, the siren uses different methods to distinguish various statuses for the user, as listed in the table.


The Siren Audio indication will be affected by the Confirmation ON / OFF setting. When setting Confirmation to OFF, the confirmation sound will not be available.

Getting Started

To learn the sensor into your Abode Gateway:

  1. In the Abode Web App (https://my.goabode.com), or on the Abode mobile phone app, locate the add device function and choose the outdoor siren Icon and follow the wizard information.

  2. If the Gateway did not find the device, press the pairing button on the siren again.

  3. Once the devices shows up on the found list click Add and name the device.

Note: If this does not work you may need to factory reset the siren. (see bottom of page)


Proceed to installation after completing the pairing process.

  1. The tamper notification sound will be automatically enable after 1 hour.

  2. Find the location where the siren is to be mounted.

  3. Remove the Top cover by releasing the bottom screw using a Philips screwdriver and remove the top cover.

  4. Identify the 3 mounting holes, mount and fix the siren on the wall using the large screws and wall plugs provided. Secure the screws using a Philips screwdriver. Make sure the Tamper Switch is fully depressed against the wall​

    1. The tamper switch protrudes through the back of the unit. When the siren is pulled off from the wall, the alarm will be activated. Ensure it is fully depressed when the siren is mounted. If there is a gap, pack with suitable spacing material.

  5. Replace the Top cover and tighten the bottom screw using a Philips screwdriver.

  6. Enable Siren Tamper function in the Abode system web portal

  7. Check if the installation is successful by testing from the Abode system by arming and disarming function.​

    1. Successful arming/disarming is indicated by the table provided in Audio & Visual Status Indication.

    2. If 5 short-beeps are noticed while arming/disarming, it means the tamper is not fully depressed. Check to ensure that tamper is properly set and then test from Control Panel again.

  8. The installation is now completed.


Changing the Battery

  1. In the Abode Web App > Account > System Settings > Indoor / Outdoor Siren Settings > Turn Off the Siren Tamper.

  2. Release the cover-fixing screw at the bottom of siren using a Philips screwdriver and pull the outer case out carefully.

  3. Slide battery switch to the off position.

  4. The battery compartment is a large box in the siren with a lid secured by 2 screws. Release the screws using a Philips screwdriver and take off the compartment lid.

  5. Remove the old batteries and press the Tamper Switch a couple times to discharge.

  6. Insert new batteries into the battery compartment.

  7. After inserting batteries, slide the battery switch to ON position. All LEDs will flash once and the buzzer will emit 1 beep as the siren powers on.

  8. Replace and secure the battery compartment lid, with 2 screws using a Philips screwdriver.

  9. Replace and secure the Top cover by tightening the bottom screw using a Philips screwdriver.

  10. The siren tamper will automatically enable an hour after you disabled it.

Factory Reset

  1. The siren can be reset and memory contents cleared. Whenever the siren is removed from the Abode system, it should be put to factory reset to clear its memory, otherwise the siren will still raise alarm if it receives alarm signal from Abode system.

  2. Disable the Siren Tamper function on the Abode Gateway. The siren will sound a beep to indicate the tamper switch is now disabled.

  3. Remove the siren from Abode system device list.

  4. Release the bottom screw of the Top cover using a Philips screwdriver, remove the top cover..

  5. Slide the battery switch to the OFF position.

  6. Press and hold down the pairing button and move the battery switch to on position. Continue to hold the pairing button down for 7 seconds. Release the pairing button when you hear 2 short beeps and a long beep. The outdoor siren will now be reset.

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