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Abode App Overview
Abode App Overview
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Welcome to the Abode App! Control your Abode systems, automations, and system settings from the palm of your hand. A fast, fresh experience built natively for iOS and Android so you can easily oversee your smart security from your phone or tablet. The Abode App is feature-rich and allows full control over your Abode home--from viewing alarm history and live video to creating advanced automations and fine-tuning device settings.

Install "Abode" App to Your iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android Device

Tap the below app store badge for your device to install the Abode App

HTML tutorial


HTML tutorial

Minimum supported OS is iOS 11.4 and AndroidOS 7. Versions below this may experience problems, and will not be supported.

App Interface

The Abode App interface is split into five categories for quickly and easily managing your home. These categories are found at the bottom of the app screen.


  1. Dashboard - arm and disarm your system here, trigger alarms, access your top video cameras, and enable quick actions. The dashboard serves as a quick access point to your most-used functions

  2. Timeline - view chronological event history from all your Abode devices here, such as video captures, door opening/closings, history of automations running, and more. Events can be filtered by day, groupe, devices, and event type.

  3. Devices - view and controll all paired devices, view device status, and fine-tune device settings.

  4. CUE - create rules so your devices can run a series of actions automatically, or simply tap the card to run the associated actions manually. You can alos setup Quick Actions that run automatically with a single tap. Learn more about the CUE Automation Engine here.

  5. Alarms - whenever an alarm goes off, you can find the details surrounding the event listed here.

Abode Widget (iOS & Android)

We developed the Abode Widget to allow quick arm and disarm of the system without opening the Abode App. Learn about how to add the Abode Widget to your smartphone here.


Abode Apple Watch App

Control your home security with just a few taps on your wrist with our Apple Watch app. Control alarm modes, view your events timeline and videos, view and change the status of all your devices, and run your automations without ever pulling out your phone! Learn more about the Abode Apple Watch App here.


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