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Abode Widget Guide (iOS & Android)
Abode Widget Guide (iOS & Android)
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Widgets enable you to have quick access to Abode features and functionalities such as system modes and streaming cameras without opening the Abode App itself.


How to Enable Widgets on iOS Devices

  1. Make sure your device is running iOS14 or iPad OS15 or later. On your iPhone or iPad home screen, swipe left to go to the Today View.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and select "Edit".

  3. Tap the gray "+" icon in the top left-hand corner.

  4. Search and select "Abode", then choose from the three available widget types: System Modes, Device Status, and Camera Image.

  5. Tap "Add Widget", then tap "Done".

How to Edit a Widget

  1. To edit the widget touch and hold a widget to open the quick actions menu. Tap "Edit Widget".

  2. Make your changes to the widget such as changing the source camera on your Camera Image feed.

  3. Tap outside the widget to exit.

How to Move a Widget

  1. To edit the widget touch and hold a widget to open the quick actions menu. Tap "Edit Home Screen".

  2. You can press and hold a widget then drag it to a new location, including the home screen of your device. Drag widgets on top of each other to create a custom stack.

Protecting the Abode Widget From Unauthorized Use

We developed the Abode Widget to allow users to quickly arm and disarm their system without opening the Abode App. Since its release, there has been discussion surrounding the security aspect of the Widget feature on iOS. Since iOS by default exposes the Today screen when the phone is locked, people can access the Widget without entering the phone passcode or using Face ID or Touch ID.

If this is a concern to you, you can remove the Today Screen from your Lock Screen. This will force you to unlock your phone before for being able to access the widget.

  1. Go to your iPhone "Settings"

  2. Select "Face ID & Passcode" (or "Touch ID & Passcode")

  3. Enter your passcode

  4. Scroll down to "Allow Access When Locked:

  5. Disable "Today View and Search". To access the Abode Widget you will now be forced to authenticate with your passcode.

How to Enable Widgets on Android Devices

  1. Tap and hold on an empty portion of your smartphone’s home screen.

  2. Tap Widgets on the options that will pop up on the bottom of the home screen.

  3. Select Abode among the widgets, then tap Add. The widget will be added to your home screen. Take note that for Android devices, the Abode System Modes widget is available. The widget enables you to arm your system to Home or Away mode right from your home screen.

How to Edit a Widget

  1. To resize the widget, tap and hold on it then drag the blue resizing dots on either side of the widget.

  2. To remove the widget, tap and hold on it, then tap Remove on the dialog box that appears on top of the widget.

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