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Location Automation Guide
Location Automation Guide
Written by Cath Smith
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The Location Automation feature allows you to set actions that the Abode system can do if triggered by a specified device location event. For example: If your phone leaves the location you’ve set for your Home in the Abode system, you can create a CUE Automation to automatically arm your system and set your thermostat to 67 degrees.

Once you have set a location in the Location Assistant (you may set more than one location, such as Home, Office, Beach, etc.), you will be able to use the CUE Automation engine to create location-based automations.

To set up location automation, follow these steps:

1. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device tap "CUE" from the bottom navigation.

2. Tap the "+" at the top right, the tap "Create Automation".


3. Tap "Add Triggers" to add a trigger that will cause the automation to run.


4. Tap "Phone Location" as the trigger for your automation, and follow the prompt to specify which device, what event (e.g. anytime a phone enters), and what Location should act as the trigger.


5. Design the rest of your automation as desired. Follow the CUE Automations Guide for more information about creating an automation.

You can also manage your locations in the Location Assistant in the Abode App settings by selecting the Menu (≡) > "Location Assistant".

Location Troubleshooting

Location automations are not working on my Apple device

All devices must have the correct location permissions turned on for Location Automations to function:

Abode App
Go to Menu > Location Assistant and ensure Location Services are turned on.

iOS Settings
Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Abode and ensure it is set to both Always, and Precise Location is turned on

Go to Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and ensure Abode is listed there.

Location automations are not working on my Android device

Each Android device can be different, but in general these two options need to be turned on for Location Automations to function:

Android > Phone Settings > Apps and notifications > Abode > Permissions > Location > Allow all the time

Android > Phone Settings > Apps and notifications > Abode > Permissions > Physical Activity > Allow

Automation cannot run because [device name] has not reported in

All devices involved in the automation need to be powered on, set up, and online. If you have a device that has gone flat, or has not physically moved enough to report a location change in 24 hours, the Abode App will not run the automation.

Why do we do this? We cannot allow the Abode App to 'assume' the location of the device--this could potentially mean a system is disarmed without knowing the exact location of a device. Therefore, if this error occurs the first step is to review all the devices in the automation and ensure they are all set up correctly.

One of the more common issues is a user changes mobile devices, but not updating the the Location Assistant to reflect this change. Automations are devices specific, rather than account specific.

The Location Assistant in the Abode App settings Menu (≡) allows you to see all your devices, identify the active ones via push notifications so you can remove the ones that are no longer used, and then update the automations accordingly.

Other Troubleshooting Steps

  • Ensure GPS and cellular data is enabled in your phone settings at all times. This will ensure the app actively reports the right location to the Abode servers.

  • Open the Abode App, go to the Menu (≡) > select Location Assistant > enable this option on all phones tied to the automation.

  • Disable any battery saver applications or settings in the phone that preserves a phone's battery. Power saving apps/settings may disable background services such as mobile data and GPS required for location-based automations.

  • Disable the "Low Power Mode" from Phone Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > Disable this feature (iOS only).

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