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CUE Automations Guide
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Quick Actions require an Abode Hub (Iota Hub or Security Hub) and a plan (Standard Plan or Pro Plan).

Abode is proud to announce the addition of CUE: a powerful automation engine available in both our iOS and Android apps. Abode CUE (short for "Custom Engine") is the powerful technology platform that powers and programs all of your Abode smart home’s customizable features and actions. Create automations for all aspects of your home to give your home detailed instructions on how to make your everyday easier, safer and more convenient. Our community of users has been passionate about Abode’s smart home automation capabilities and we are proud to expand on these with the addition of CUE. CUE allows you to:

  • Create automations for all devices connected your Abode system

  • Set multi-layered triggers for when automations are to occur

  • Set multiple actions to occur once defined triggers are met

  • Set conditions to ensure actions only occur when you want them to


Abode App Requirements

All mobile devices are required to be updated to Abode App version 5.5.1 for the CUE Automations to function properly.

Firmware Requirements

To use CUE, you will need the most recent firmware version running on your Abode hub. If you are not using the most recent version, you will receive an error message when you attempt to save your first CUE Automation. To ensure your system is running the latest firmware, in the Abode App on your iOS or Android device, select the Menu (≡) > "Check for Device Firmware Updates".

What Steps Make up an Automation?

Automations in CUE are made up of three components: triggers, actions, and conditions:


Triggers determine when an automation should occur. You can set multiple triggers that are connected by “or” to make sure your automation runs when you want.

For example, say you wanted your entryway lights to turn on just after sunset or when you’ve just gotten home. To do this, you would set the below two triggers:

“5 minutes after sunset”
“Front door is opened”


Actions are an event you would like to perform when the automation is run. You can set up any device connected to your Abode system to perform an action. You can also add more than one action to your automation. Want the garage door to open too, so you can take the dog out for a walk? Going back to our entryway lights example, you would set the below as the actions:

“Turn on entryway lights”
“Open the garage door”


Conditions are the final layer of your automation and are what make CUE really shine. A condition is an optional setting that ensures the automation only runs if the conditions are true. The above example was great, but wouldn’t it be annoying if the entryway lights turned on and the garage door opened every time you opened the front door? With conditions, you set “if” statements that must be met in order for the action to be taken. For our example automation you could set the below:

“If the automation is triggered between 5:00PM and 8:00PM”

Sample Automations

Now that you understand triggers, actions, and conditions, let's look at a few examples of what you can use CUE to achieve:

  • When there is a Burglar alarm set all Lights to hue: 350, saturation 100, brightness 100% if Jane's iPhone is not at Home

  • Every day at sunset OR if Living Room Motion Sensor detects motion change system mode to Home Mode

  • At 1:30 PM on any of these days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday unlock Front Door

  • When Iota Motion Sensor detections motion turn on Office Lamp

  • Everyday at 10:00 PM turn Living Room Cam off

Creating and Editing Automations

How to Create an Automation

1. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device tap "CUE" from the bottom navigation.

2. Tap the "+" at the top right, the tap "Create Automation".


3. Tap "Add Trigger" to add a trigger that will cause the automation to run. At least one trigger is required.


4. Next, tap "Add Action" to add an action that will run when your trigger is initiated. At least one action is required.


5. Optionally, tap "Add Condition" to add a condition that must be met in order for your automation to run.


6. Name your automation at the top, then tap "Save" to complete your automation.

7. All automations you create will be listed within the CUE tab at the bottom app navigation. The automations will run if the actions/conditions are met, however you can disable an automation by tapping the settings button (...) > "Disable".

How to Edit an Automation

1. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device tap "CUE" from the bottom navigation.

2. Tap the settings button (...) next to the automation you would like to edit, then tap "Edit".


3. You can revise any aspects of the automation in the Edit Automation window.

To disable or delete an automation, tap the settings button (...) next to the automation, then tap "Disable" or "Delete".

Location Automations

The Location Automation feature allows you to set actions that the Abode system can do if triggered by a specified device location event. For example: If your phone leaves the location you’ve set for your Home in the Abode system, you can create a CUE Automation to automatically arm your system and set your thermostat to 67 degrees. Read our Location Automations Guide here.

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