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Shortcuts Guide (iOS)
Shortcuts Guide (iOS)
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Shortcuts allow you to run a series of actions from your iPhone or iPad with the touch of a button or using Siri voice assistant. You can include arming & disarming your Abode system, running a Quick Action, getting a device status, or managing an active alarm--or use your Shortcuts as Widget for the ability to manage your Abode system without opening the Abode App. To learn more about Shortcuts in iOS please see the full user guide from Apple.


How to Create Abode Shortcuts

1. Navigate to the Shortcuts app on your device. You may have to install Shortcuts from the App Store if it is not already on your phone.

2. Tap the "+" in the top right corner to create a new shortcut.


3. Create a name for your shortcut. This name will dictate how you instruct Siri to run your shortcut by saying "Hey Siri, [your shortcut name]". Tap the graphic icon on the top left to add a custom icon and color to your shortcut.


4. Tap "Add Action" and search for "Abode" or select Abode under the Apps category.


5. Set whatever Abode related action you’d like to be accessible to you at a tap from your homescreen. Go crazy and add whatever other actions you’d like across your apps to your shortcut!


6. Once done, save your shortcut by clicking the "X" in the top right corner.


How to Use Abode Shortcuts

There are two ways to use Shortcuts: 1) activate them using Siri voice commands, or 2) add a shortcut to your home screen using Widgets.

Using Shortcuts with Siri

Use Siri to audibly run your Shortcuts. The name you used when creating your Shortcut is what is used to activate it via Siri. For example: "Hey Siri, Turn On Office Lamp".

Using Shortcuts with Widgets

The other way to use a Shortcut is to set it up as a Widget on the home screen or Today View screen of your iPhone. Follow these steps to create a Shortcut Widget:

  1. Make sure your device is running iOS14 or iPad OS15 or later. On your iPhone or iPad home screen, swipe left to go to the Today View.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and select "Edit".

  3. Tap the grey "+" icon in the top left-hand corner.

  4. Search and select "Shortcuts", then choose from the Abode shortcut your created earlier.

  5. Tap "Add Widget", then tap "Done". The Shortcut can be moved by long pressing and dragging it to your desired location.

Learn more about the official Abode Widget here, which may be used in place or or alongside a Shortcut.

For a some inspiration, here are some of our favorite shortcuts:

Good Morning
Disarm Abode
Set My Thermostat To 72°
Turn Off Do Not Disturb
Turn On Bedroom Lights

Arm Abode To Home Mode
Lock My Doors
Turn Off All My Lights
Turn On Do Not Disturb

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