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1080p Abode Cam (Gen 1)
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The live video feed from the Abode 1080p streaming camera can be viewed from the Abode App. The camera will also automatically capture video clips when the alarm is activated, during a CUE automation that you setup, or upon a manual request from the Abode App by an authenticated used. The Abode 1080p streaming camera creates limitless possibilities in one simple solutio, including:

  • Live-feed video streaming

  • Alarm-triggered video recording that includes pre-alarm recording

  • On-demand request for video clip recording from the Abode App

  • As an action in an CUE automations.


Product Features

  • Night vision & IR illuminators

  • Wide angle lens:

    • Diagonal: 152°

    • Vertical: 67°

    • Horizontal: 127°

  • Ethernet Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: 802.11b/g

  • Encrypted secured stream JPEG & H.264

  • Privacy Button

  • Configurable pre-alarm and post alarm capturing that allows you to capture up to 30 second video clips

  • Wall mount bracket

Identifying the components of the Abode Streaming Camera


  1. Light Sensor - detects surrounding light level

  2. Power LED (Green)

  3. Warning LED (Red)

  4. Internet Connection LED (Blue)

  5. Microphone

  6. Camera Lens

  7. Privacy Button - press and hold for 2 seconds to enter/exit privacy mode.

  8. WPS Button


  1. DC Jack (5V DC, 1A input)

  2. Speaker

  3. Micro SD card slot - no longer used

  4. Ethernet Cable Port

  5. Angle Adjustment Joint

LED Color Guide

This section provides an overview of the cameras LED Lights.

  1. Power LED (Green)

  2. Warning LED (Red)

  • Flashes for 2-3 seconds: Activating WPS protocol

  • Flashes 3 times: WPS pairing successful

  • Flashes twice: Enter/exit privacy mode

  • Steady On: The IP Camera is in privacy mode

  1. ​Internet-Connection LED (Blue)

  • ​On: connected to internet (wired or wireless)

  • Off: disconnected from internet

  • Flashes for 5 minutes: The IP Camera is in learning mode

  • Flashes quickly: The IP Camera is streaming or recording.

Pairing Guide

  1. Remove the camera, power transformer, and ethernet cable from the box.

  2. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into a spare port on your router, and the other end into the back of the camera. The ethernet cable is used to register your camera - add it to the hub and set it up to communicate with your wireless Wi-Fi router.

  3. Insert the power transformer connector into the back of the camera and plug the transformer into an AC outlet.

  4. Next, you will use your Abode App to pair the streaming camera with the hub. Tap Menu (≡) > "Add Device" > "Security Cameras" > "Abode Cam" and follow the setup steps to pair the camera to your system. Once this is completed you will be able to stream live video from the app.

Mounting Guide

The camera stand is already built into the device. To mount the Abode Cam, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Using the two breakaway mounting holes on the mounting base as templates, drill holes in the surface.

  2. Insert the wall plugs if fixing into plaster or bric

  3. Screw the mounting base into the wall plugs.

  4. Attach the camera stand onto the mounting base, make sure the three mounting
    hooks match the three latches on the mounting base (see image below).


  1. Attach the Camera Stand onto the Mounting Base.


  1. To adjust the angle of the IP Camera, you can:

  • Tilt Back and Forth

  • Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise

  • Rotate the stand base attached to the mounting base




Factory Reset Process

  1. Unplug the power cord from the streaming cameras.

  2. Hold the WPS button (lower button) while plugging the power cable back into the camera. Continue to hold the WPS button for between 45 to 60 seconds. After the 45 second mark, when you see all three lights flash ON and then OFF, the Abode Cam has been reset.

  3. Once reset, the camera will need to be deleted from the Abode App and added back to the system.

Tech Specs

Image sensor: 1.3 megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor
Lens focus: 4.2mm F1.6 fixed focus
Wired internet connectivity: RJ-45 Ethernet connector and built in Wi-Fi radio 802.11b/g
Video compression: JPEG & H.264
Video resolution: 1920 x 1080
Power supply included: 5V/2A, 100~240V AC wall transformer w/6’ cord
Local storage: No longer used
Motion detection: Video motion detection (future)
Two-way voice / Talk & Listen (Future)
Operating temperature: 14° to 113° deg
Operating humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing

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