Abode Cam 2 FAQ
Written by Cath Smith
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Can I turn Smart Detect on and off?
You can, here’s how.

Do I need an Abode Iota or Security Hub to use the Abode Cam 2?
You do not! You can use this entirely on its own, or pair it with an existing hub.

Can I use more than one camera if I don’t have a hub?
Yes, you can!

How does full color night vision work?
Full color night vision works by using ambient light to to create a full color image. The Abode Cam 2 has a larger aperture which allows it to collect more of that ambient light and make nighttime image look like the daytime. The camera will calculate the amount of light available, and make a choice for the best image based on this, and swap to either color, or a crisp monochrome image if there isn't enough ambient light.

Can I record locally to an SD card?
No, all recording is stored securely in the Abode cloud for you to access and download via the Abode App.

Can I use the Abode Cam 2 indoors?
You can! The included flexible mounting base allows for easy mounting pretty much anywhere inside and outside. However, due to the cameras IR lights it is not recommended to use the camera inside looking outside through a window due to the reflection (glare invisible to the human eye) of the IR lights in the glass.

How is the camera powered?
The camera is powered via included USB cable which plugs into any 5V USB port. A USB wall adapter is also included.

Where can I get a longer power cable?
You can purchase an extended power cable from our online store here.

Does it support 5GHz WiFi?
No, it only supports 2.4GHz WiFi networks.

Does it have a battery backup?
No, it does not.

What happens if I lose power?
You will receive a notification that your camera has gone offline which will allow you to act accordingly. The camera will remain off until power is restored.

What happens if I lose connection to the internet?
You will receive a notification that your camera has gone offline which will allow you to act accordingly.

How does the camera prevent tampering?
Your camera will be securely mounted to the wall with a screw. If someone tampers with it you will have received a notification and a recorded clip by the time they had the chance to get to it thanks to motion and person detection, and a wide field of view.

Can I use my same plan if I have the camera set up in a different location?
If your camera is not connected to your Abode system it will be on its own plan.

Can I power via POE (Power over Ethernet)?
No, this camera must be powered with the included power cable and connected to the internet via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Do I need to connect via Ethernet at any point in the setup process?
You do not. The entire setup process is done wirelessly.

How do I factory reset my Abode Cam 2?

  1. Ensure camera is connected to power

  2. Hold down button at back of unit for around 15-20 seconds

  3. You should hear a faint click from the camera, and the status light on the back will turn orange

  4. Camera can now be re-added

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