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Panic Button
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The Abode wireless panic button allows the user to press for help in emergency situations. During an urgent situation such as a fall, medical problem, or burglary, the user can quickly activate the device to report an emergency to caregiver, monitoring personnel, or authorities.


Device Specs:

Battery Type: CR123 Lithium battery x1
Backup Battery Life 7 years*
Operating Temperature -10°C to 45°C (14˚F to 113˚F)
Operating Humidity Up to 85% non-condensing
Dimensions 74mm x 46mm x 22mm

Device Features:

LED indicator
Low Battery detection
Wireless and Lightweight for easy installation
Periodic supervisory signals check device integrity

To add the device to your system:

  1. Install the battery inside the device

  2. Navigate to the add device dialog

  3. Select "Panic Button" from the list

  4. Follow the instructions in the app to complete the add device process

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