Abode Lock FAQ
Written by Cath Smith
Updated over a week ago

Can the Abode Lock be used without an Abode Hub (Security Hub or Iota Hub)?

What type of battery does the Abode Hub use?
4000mAh Lithium rechargeable battery

Is the Lock going be HomeKit Compatible?

Does the Lock work with Alexa and Google Home?

How do I re-pair the Wireless Keypad?
Via the Mobile App, Device Settings. Use the option to Pair Keypad

Can I use the fingerprint function on the Wireless Keypad?
Yes - up to 10 users can have 5 fingerprints each stored

Can I set individual PINs for my users?
Yes - this is programmed when setting up users

Do Lock Users need to install the Abode app?
No - this allows family members without mobile devices to be added as Lock Users and open and close the lock.

How do I remove the front cover of the Lock?
Squeeze the sides of the cover, and then eitehr pull of (if mounted) or push on the Thumb Lever to remove the cover from the body.

Do I need to remove the tab from the battery?
No - leave this in place.

How many times can a One-Time PIN be used?
Once a One-Time Pin has been used, it will expire. The account owner can reactivate a One-Time PIN to be used again. This is done via the Access Control setting in the Lock via the app.

My Lock is Offline - how can I reconnect?
Assuming the battery is charged, pulling the battery out, then re inserting it, should restore the connectiviy of the Lock.

How do I factory reset the Abode Lock?
The Lock factory reset is completed by removing the front cover from the lock and holding the reset button for 5 seconds (or until the LED flashes green)

Are the fingerprints stored in the Lock or the Keypad?
Fingerprint are stored in the Keypad, along with User Profiles and PINs. If the Keypad is replaced, or paired again for any reason, Users, PINs, and Fingerprints will need to be set up again.

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