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The Abode Smoke Alarm Monitor is designed to be used in conjunction with all UL listed residential standard smoke detectors that were manufactured after 1999. It will not detect the presence of Smoke, Heat, or Fire itself.

The Smoke Alarm Monitor detects the (T-3 tone/beeps) sounds produced by your existing smoke detector & when triggered, it transmits an encrypted wireless alarm signal to the Abode Gateway and activates the gateways siren (pulsing sound). If your

Abode system is professionally monitored, this Smoke Alarm monitor when activated, will send a fire alarm signal to the monitoring service.

If a false alarm occurs, be sure to notify the monitoring service immediately. Disarming the Abode system will reset the gateway and silence the gateway sirens unless the UL listed smoke sensor continues to sound its alarm which triggers the gateway. The Smoke Alarm Monitor should be mounted within 5 inches of the Smoke Detector.


Parts Overview


The Device Dimensions are 3” X 3” X 1”

  1. Red Indicator (Inside) - The LED indicators are inside the front cover and only visible when activated.

  • Briefly On: Transmitting signal.

  • Continuous quick flash: Alarming

  • Flashes every 4 seconds: Low battery

2. Microphone

3. Pairing button used when adding it to the gateway

  • Press the button once to send the pairing signal to the gateway. Make sure the gateway is in the pairing mode, using the Other Devices option.

4. Battery Compartment

5. Wall Mounting Knockouts

Adding the sensor to your Abode Gateway

  1. Access the adobe web app at, on the dash board page you will see the device list, on the top of this page click on the “+” Add device

  2. In the Add Device dialog, select the proper device from the list and follow the wizard.

  3. Remove the back of the Smoke Alarm Monitor by loosening the screw.

  4. Insert the battery to power on the device

  5. Press the Pairing /Test button inside the device once to transmit a pairing code to the Abode Gateway.

  6. In a couple of seconds, you'll see "Smoke Sensor" show up, click Add

  7. Follow the Wizard to complete adding the sensor.

  8. When completed, your Smoke Alarm Monitor will show up in the devices section as Online.

Testing your Abode smoke alarm monitor

  1. Install your smoke alarm monitor within 5" from your UL listed smoke alarm

  2. Trigger the smoke alarm for AT LEAST 60 seconds

  3. Ensure the Abode alarm is triggered by listening for the siren or checking your Abode App for notifications

Alarm Detection and Restore

The Smoke Alarm Monitor recognizes alarm siren sound pattern from existing Smoke Detectors. When activated, the Smoke Alarm Monitor will transmit an alarm signal to notify the Abode Gateway of smoke detection. The LED indicator will flash rapidly.

When the alarm sound from Smoke Detector has stopped, the Smoke Alarm Monitor will check for an additional alarm for 12 seconds.

  • If the alarm sounds again within the 12-second period, the Smoke Alarm Monitor will not perform any action.

  • If the alarm does not sound again within the 12 second period, the Smoke Alarm Monitor will wait for another 160 seconds. If 160 seconds pass without any alarm, the detector will transmit an alarm restore signal

  • If the alarm sounds again after the 12-second period, the Smoke Alarm Monitor will resend an alarm signal.


Abode Systems shall in no event be liable or responsible for damage or injury to any person or property occasioned through the use, maintenance, or operation of this device, and shall be indemnified and saved harmless against claims for damage or injury in such cases.

Abode Systems shall not be responsible for the periodic testing or maintenance of any Smoke alarms, Fire detectors, or Smoke alarm monitoring equipment or fines incurred from false alarms or related fire alarm permitting issues.

Multiple Smoke sensors:

If all of the premises existing smoke detectors are designed so if one smoke sensor is triggered, the rest of the smoke sensors in the home will also sound their sirens, then you will only need one Abode Smoke Alarm Monitor placed next to one of the homes smoke sensor to connect all of your traditional smoke alarms to your Abode System. If your existing smoke detectors are not designed so they all sound their sirens if one only one of them is triggered, then you will need one Smoke Alarm Monitor next to each individual smoke detector that your wanting to monitor.

What is UL 217-compliant T-3 signaling? (Tones/Beeps)

The Abode Smoke Alarm Monitor is compatible with any smoke alarm that uses UL 217-compliant T-3 signalling (Tones/beeps). This beeping pattern used for residential smoke alarms, is named the Temporal-Three alarm signal, and often referred to as "T-3"

Most all UL Listed smoke sensors manufactured for residential use after 1999, will produce these T-3 tones/beeps that will trigger the Abode Smoke Alarm Monitor sensor, except for the talking Alarm sensors which may not produce the T-3 tones/beeps.

The UL 217 - compliant T-3 cycle of tones/beeps are 4 seconds long. It consists of 3 half - second beeps separated by half - second pauses, with a 1.5 - second pause at the end of each three - beep group. Many smoke alarms do this with a single press of the TEST button, and many others do so when the TEST button is held down, while others may not produce the full T-3 cycle of beeps needed to trigger the Abode alarm monitor when testing.

Note: CO (carbon monoxide) detectors are specified to use a similar pattern using four pulses often referred to as T-4. The Abode Smoke Alarm Monitor will not detect the T-4 tone/beeps that a CO (carbon monoxide) detector produces when triggered.


The Smoke Alarm Monitor uses a 3V CR123A Lithium battery.

When low battery voltage is detected, a low battery signal will be sent to the Abode Gateway. When the Gateway receives the low battery signal, you will be notified via an Abode timeline entry, a push notification, and an email notification. When the battery is exhausted, the device will stop all function and the LED will flash every 4 seconds to indicate the battery needs to be replaced.

When changing the battery, after removing the old battery, press in the pairing button a couple times to discharge any remaining voltage before inserting a new battery.


The Smoke Alarm Monitor should be mounted on the ceiling or wall next to the existing smoke sensor. The back cover of the device has mounting knockouts which can be broken for screw mounting. Alternatively, you may also mount the Monitor with double side adhesive tape provided.

The Smoke Alarm Monitor should be mounted within 5 inches of each Smoke Detector you are wanting to monitor.

To mount using 3M Tape:

  1. When using provided double sided adhesive tape, make sure to install the detector on a flat surface. Do not install on uneven surface or location with cracking paints.

  2. Clean both the detectors back cover and mounting location with a damp cloth then dry.

  3. Apply the double sided adhesive tape to back cover of the detector, then apply to the mounting location.

To mount using the Screw Holes:

  1. Drill through the screw hole knockouts on the back cover using an appropriate size drill bit, and use them as a template to mark position on wall/ceiling.

  2. Drill holes at marked location and screw the back cover onto the wall/ceiling, insert wall plug if needed.

  3. Replace the detectors main body onto the cover. Make sure the cover is properly closed and the device is fixed to the wall tightly.

Smoke Alarm Monitor Disclaimer

Updated 10/17/2017

Important Disclaimer for Smoke Detectors, Smoke Alarm Monitors and other Smoke/Fire, or other air quality devices. By purchasing and using these devices, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Abode systems does not provide a guarantee that an adequate warning or protection will be provided, and disclaims all warranties and representations, whether express, implied, statutory of otherwise, with respect to the product, including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Abode systems be liable for consequential, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive or enhanced damages arising out of the use, maintenance, or operation of the product. Customer is responsible for the periodic testing and maintenance of all smoke alarms, detectors, sensors, and smoke alarm monitoring equipment and, by purchasing the product, agrees to indemnify Abode systems for, and hold it harmless against, any and all loss, cost, damage or expense, including without limitation government fines for false alarms or related fire alarm permitting, arising out of or related to the the product.

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