Abode App FAQ
Written by Cath Smith
Updated over a week ago

How do I add new users to my Abode account?
You can invite a user to your Abode account so they can log in to your system via the Abode App. Follow our detailed guide here to learn about how to add a user to your account.

How do I group devices together in the Abode App?
By default devices are grouped by device type (doors, lights & motion sensors, etc.) but you are free to configure your devices any way you’d like. Follow our detailed guide here to learn about creating device groups in the Abode App.

How do I add Abode widgets to my smartphone?
You can add the Abode widget to an iOS or Android device. Follow our detailed guide here.

What devices is the Abode App suported on?
The minimum supported OS is iOS 11.4 and AndroidOS 7. Versions below this may experience problems, and will not be supported. The Apple Watch app requires Abode iOS app version 5.5 minimum with iOS 11.4 and WatchOS 8.0 minimum.

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