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Abode App Dashboard
Abode App Dashboard
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The Abode app allows you to manage your dashboard and give you the power to customize it with key elements.

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You have the ability to have a combination of 4 different Widgets added dashboard:

  • Groups

  • Cameras

  • Devices

  • Quick Actions

Any combination of these can be added or removed as required.

Within these 4 Widgets, you can add or remove specific devices to appear as you wish.

This allows for a more personalized layout on your front screen, and allows you to have quick access to those items that you use the most.

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Please Note: Any changes to the Dashboard apply only to that device - dashboard changes do not flow across different devices or users.

Each device needs to be set up independently.

In addition, in the event that the app is deleted and then reinstalled, any changes to the dashboard will be lost, and it will need to be configured from the default layout again.

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