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Notifications Guide
Written by Cath Smith
Updated over a week ago

You can customize what you receive notifications for on your mobile device to cut down on unnecessary alerts and only receive what is important to you. Notifications in the Abode system are defined per user. This allows each user on your system to create their own notification preferences.

How to Edit Notifications

1. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device, select the Menu (โ‰ก).

2. Tap "Notifications".


3. Notifications will be categorized. Tap the category you would like to customize, then tap the specific action to customize.

If the notification edit option is greyed out (not able to edit) it is a critical alarm notification that cannot be disabled.


4. Tap "Custom" if you would like to establish system mode conditions for when to receive alerts. For example, only send a notification for a door opening when the system is armed to Away mode.


CUE Automations Notifications

1. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device, select "CUE" from the bottom navigation.

2. Tap the "+" icon on the top right corner, then tap "Create Automation".


3. Name your automation, then tap "Add Triggers". Add whichever trigger(s) you would like, then tap "Done".

4. Tap "Add Actions".


5. Tap "Notification".


6. Toggle on/off which user(s) and devices you would like the notifications to be sent to, then tap "Next".


7. Type the message you would like to be displayed in your notification, then tap "Done".


8. Tap Done once more to save you action.

9. Add any conditions if desired.

10. Tap "Save" at the top right hand corner to complete your automation.

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