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For Professionally Monitored users, there may be times when the default monitoring options do not suit.

For this, Users can edit a number of different settings from within the app to customize the monitoring services to suit their needs.

To access, navigate on your mobile app to Menu > Profile and select 'Pro Monitoring'

Options to Customize

There are a number of different options here that can be customized to suit the users own personal requirements. These can be changed at any time.

Test Mode (default OFF)

By default, Test Mode is turned off and can be enabled to put the User's Monitoring Account into Test Mode, with no contact to the Monitoring Company. The user can trigger alarms without fear of authority dispatch for a 30 minute time period.

After 30 minutes, the Test Mode will end, and normal service will resume (unless toggled off prior).

Media Access (default ON)

By default, in the event of an alarm, the monitoring team is able to review footage and images to verify an incident. By turning this option off, the monitoring team will not be able to access this at all.

Dispatch Without Verification (default OFF)

By default the monitoring team will attempt to verify a triggered alarm by contacting the Emergency Contacts. A user can also verify an alarm via the app.

With this option turned on, the monitoring centre will skip the verification step, and dispatch the appropriate service. Keep in mind that false alarms triggered with this option may result in associated costs, and such costs are the responsibility of the user.

Emergency Dispatch (default ON)

If a user wishes to only have certain services dispatched in the event of an alarm, they can customize which services are active. If an alarm event occurs and the appropriate service is disable in this screen, they will not be sent.

Disable Pro Monitoring

If a user wishes to use the features of the Pro Plan, but does not require the system to be monitored at all, they can choose to disable monitoring completely, and self monitor. Please note that this will mean that no alarms will be actioned on by the monitoring team.

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