Abode Cam 2 Troubleshooting
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If you're having issues with your Abode Cam 2 you're in the right place. Below you will find tips on troubleshooting your camera. If you have further issues after reviewing the troubleshooting below, please reach out to our support team at support@goabode.com.

QR Code Scanning

If you are having trouble scanning the QR Code while adding your camera, please try these tips:

  • Make sure your Abode App is up to date.

  • Be sure the camera is level with the QR code on the phone's screen.

  • Adjust the distance slowly between the QR code and the camera by slowly pulling the camera away from close to the screen with the QR code, until your here the successful scan message

  • Ensure the brightness on your phone's screen is as high as possible.

No Power to Camera

A lack of power could come from a number of different sources.

First, ensure the power outlet is operating fine, be testing another device in that outlet.

Assuming the outlet is OK, try connecting the camera's USB power cable to another USB power brick (for example, a phone charger power brick). This is a quick way to identify if the issue lies with the power brick, or the camera itself.

If the problem lies with the power brick, look at sourcing a new power brick for the unit - these can always be sources locally quickly and cheaply.

Replacing the power cable with a known working cable can also help narrow down where the problem lies.

In rare instances, the issue may lie with the camera itself. IF you do feel that is the case, and the unit is under warranty, please contact the support on support@goabode.com for further assistance.

Camera will not proceed after scanning QR code

If the QR code is scanned successfully, but the camera will not pair following this, there are a couple of steps you can work through to get this to proceed:

Step back through the process, and ensure the Wifi details (SSID and password) have been entered correctly

Ensure the Wifi SSID you are connecting to is a 2.4Ghz channel

'Special' characters in the Wifi SSID or password may prevent a connection. For example, changing a Wifi SSID from abode's to abodes can allow a connection to proceed

A reset of the camera can assist to start again - on the back of the unit is a small button - hold this in for approx 15 seconds until the cameras confirms a reset has been complete, and start over

If you continue to get stuck at Step 5, please contact support on support@goabode.com for further assistance.

Camera reporting offline

The camera will maintain a Wifi connection, and if for some reason this drops, the camera will attempt to reconnect to the last known point of connection.

There are times when the camera will not be able to complete a handshake with the Wifi network, and may remain offline.

If this does happen, and power cycle of the camera (remove the plug from the back of the unit, leave for 10 seconds, then plug back in) is usually enough to bring the unit back online.

If you consistently encounter problems with cameras going offline, it is well worth reviewing your wifi setup, and location of cameras to the nearest wifi Access Point. A weak wifi signal to the camera will lead to a less than ideal connection. This can easily be tested by locating the camera close to the wifi Access Point, and seeing if the problem persists. If it does not, it is likely the wifi strength in the original location is not sufficient for the camera.

You can improve this through upgrading your wifi - either via a wifi extender, or upgrading to a wifi mesh system.

If you continue to experience problems in this area, please reach out to the support team.

Camera only record one clip when I walked by multiple times or camera is not recording clips

After recording a clip, there is a 90 second cooldown period before the camera is ready to capture another clip. If there is constant motion, such as a tree constantly swaying in the wind, you may find you only have minimal clips recorded. This is because a "stop motion" event has not occurred. A stop motion event is a period of no motion being detected that will initiate the 90 second cooldown before another motion clip can be recorded. To learn more about Abode Cam 2 motion detection reference the Motion Detection and Clip Recording section of the Setup Guide.

Motion Detection

The Abode Cam2 utilizes Pixel-based motion detection, unlike the Abode PIR motion sensors that detect animate objects that radiate infrared heat, the Abode cameras pixel-based application analyzes the individual pixels in the surveillance image which provides more flexibility. The camera can detect motion over a large area and as far as the camera can see, it can track the pixel changes. The user can also set up a field in the camera's interface (Detection Zone) to limit the motion detection to a particular area.

One of the biggest limitations in pixel motion detection is that it treats all movement equally whether its tree branches blowing in the wind or cars passing by. The Abode Cam 2 however offers the Smart Detect option for Person, Pet and Package detection which helps with discerning what's important and what's negligible.

Motion detection also requires 2 events - a 'start' motion event, and a 'stop' motion event. These events are also followed by a 90 second Cooldown period. If you find that your camera will record one event, but then no others after, review both the field of view and the Detection Zone - if there is constant movement within the field of vision, this may be the issue. Adjusting the Detection Zone can help with this.

Camera positioning plays a big part in the performance of clip capturing. Having the camera with a field of view that involves a lot of movement - e.g. Trees blowing in the wind, shadows moving constantly - can potentially lead to a less than expected performance.

Reviewing the field of view, and the Detection Zone (below) can help with this.

Detection Zones

The detection zone may be used to limit how many motion triggered events take place within your camera's view. Only motion events inside the zone will trigger a motion event within your automations or with motion uploads enabled. The camera will continue to see motion outside the zone but will not trigger on events outside of it.

One thing to note with Detection Zones is that while the initial movement trigger needs to be inside the zone, Smart Detect events are reported on the entire image.

For example, if you have a small Detection Zone that triggers movement by a shadow, if a person is detected, even outside of the Detection Zone, it will be reported as such.

Factory Reset

To factory reset, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure camera is connected to power

  2. Hold down button at back of unit for around 15-20 seconds

  3. You should hear a faint click from the camera, and the status light on the back will turn orange

  4. Camera can now be re-added

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