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Video Doorbell Troubleshooting
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If you're having issues with your Abode Video Doorbell you're in the right place. Below you will find tips on troubleshooting your Doorbell. If you have further issues after reviewing the troubleshooting below, please reach out to our support team at

Cannot Live Stream

The Doorbell unit is required to be in range of the Chime Base unit. If the Base unit is too far away, it will not be able to communicate with the Doorbell unit.

Range is dependent on local environment factors - as a general rule, think of normal Wi-Fi range coverage, and operate within that.

If you cannot Live Stream, reposition the Base unit close to the Doorbell.

Turning off both the Doorbell and Base unit and turning them back on should re establish the connection.

Pairing the Camera to the Chime/Base again (press the sync button on both units) is quick way to ensure they are paired.

Basic steps to go through if you cannot get a live stream up:

  • Test with the Chime connected via ethernet

  • Ensure the blue lights are solid on the Chime (indicates internet connectivity)

  • Power off and on the camera unit

  • Power off and on the chime unit

  • Resync the camera to the chime (press the pair button on both units)

  • Ensure the camera unit has sufficient charge

If you are receiving an 'Unknown Error' when going into the Live Stream, check the charge of the camera unit - it is likely that this has dropped below 5%, and will require charging before you can Live Stream.

Chime does not sound on Base unit

As above, this is dependent on distance between the two units.

If the chime does not sound on the Base Unit, reposition the Base unit closer to the Doorbell.

Turning off both the Doorbell and Base unit and turning them back on will also re establish the connection.

Recorded Clips miss the motion trigger

The camera unit will ‘sleep’ until something (motion, doorbell press, live stream request) wakes it up.

If it is asleep, and motion is detected, if set to record a clip, there is a second or so of waking up and processing before a clip recording will be captured.

If the position of the camera is not ideal, it is possible for motion to be triggered, and the resulting clip will miss capturing the motion trigger.

When installing the camera, ensure the PIR sensor is facing the direction from where people would approach. Having the PIR sensors facing where people cross across in front of the sensor, going quickly out of view, will lead to less than ideal results.

Having the PIR sensor angled away from a sidewall will help ensure maximum coverage of the sensor.

Refer to our Video Doorbell Installation Guide for the best result for Doorbell positioning.

Doorbell unit will not charge

The camera is required to be charged by the supplied USB to USB-C cable. Ensure this cable is used, as USB-C cables can be configured for different purposes.

When charging, the camera will flash between blue and orange.

Once complete, the camera will present a solid orange light

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