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Outdoor Smart Camera FAQ
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What comes in the box?
Camera body, Power Cord Mount, Wireless Doorbell Mount, Magnetic Mount, USB power adapter, mounting hardware, wall clips, security lock wrench, an quick start guide.

Can I use this on its own?
Yes, this device will be able to be used as a standalone product without the need to pair it to a hub.

Can I use automations if it isn’t connected to a hub?
You will have to use separate, compatible automation platforms since you do not have devices connected locally to a hub. For example, you can use your Outdoor Smart Camera With Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant automations, but won’t be able to use CUE automations without an Abode hub.

Will this work with any doorbell mount?
The Abode Outdoor Smart Camera comes with two mounts-- one is designed for a standard wall outlet, and the other is compatible with many AC-powered hardwired electronic and mechanical doorbell chimes operating between 8-24 volts. The camera is not compatible with wireless doorbell chimes, but may be integrated with select smart speakers to provide audible feedback.

How does this trigger my doorbell chime without a button?
Using motion detection the camera can trigger hardwired doorbell chimes when people approach, without the need for a physical button. The camera can intelligently distinguish between people, animals, and other movement to trigger doorbell chimes only when needed.

Can I use this with my hotspot?
Yes, this camera does not require Ethernet at any point and can be set up and operated over Wi-Fi.

How do plans work without a hub?
You will be able to choose between our existing plan tiers and use the video features associated with that plan. The Outdoor Smart Camera can operate with our Standard Plan and 24/7 Video Recording add-on plan.

Will I need a separate plan to use this device with my Abode system?
If you are adding this to an existing system you will not. If you are using this as a standalone device you may choose from one of our existing plans and make use of the video features within each.

Where is the database of recognized faces stored? Is it secure?
Every accounts database of recognized faces is stored securely in the Abode cloud where all other Abode-captured media is stored. This information and database is only accessible by the user for complete security.

How is this different from the Abode Cam (Gen 1)?
While the Abode cam does feature HD video, two-way voice, and IR night vision, the Outdoor Smart Camera includes all of those features with the addition of motion detection and weatherproof housing. It can also be mounted both inside and out while the Abode Cam is limited to indoor use.

Is this camera waterproof?
It is! This camera comes with IP65 certified weatherproofed housing so you can use it with confidence in the elements.

Can I use this inside?
Yes! The camera can be used either outside or inside without issue.

How is this device powered?
If you are using this device inside or on an outdoor wall, it’ll be powered via a 15’ cable with a USB plug at the end. The included wall adapter allows the cable to be plugged directly into a wall socket. If you are opting to use it as a doorbell instead, you can install it right in your existing doorbell mount without the need for a power cord.

What happens if my Wi-Fi goes out?
In the event your camera gets disconnected from its Wi-Fi connection you will receive an immediate alert that your camera is no longer online.

What happens if my power goes out?
In the event your power goes out you will receive an immediate alert that your camera is no longer online.

How do I tell if this works with my doorbell?
This device will work with most 16-24V AC powered doorbell mounts. It does not work with wireless doorbell chimes.

What happens if someone tries to steal or damage the camera?
This camera comes equipped with a security lock to prevent it from being removed from its mount. If someone were to damage it you would receive a notification that your camera is offline which would allow you to act immediately.

Is the Outdoor Smart Camera HomeKit compatible?
The camera is not HomeKit compatible.

What storage options will be available?
Storage options are inline with our existing plans of 10 days of storage. Without a plan, you'll be able to view live video but won't be able to store any captured clips.

Can I use an SD card to store footage?
There is no SD card slot on this camera.

Is this camera wireless?
It is not. It is powered via a 15-foot power cord that comes with the camera and plugs into standard North American outlets. If you use it in your doorbell mount you will not have to use the power cord as it will be able to draw power from the mount.

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