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Video Doorbell FAQ
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Can the doorbell be used without an Abode hub (Security Hub or Iota Hub)?

What type of battery does the video doorbell use?
2600mAh Lithium battery

Is the battery replaceable or rechargeable?
The battery is chargeable, but not replaceable

How do I charge the battery?
Via the included USB-C cable. The USB cable can be plugged into the included Chime to charge the doorbell. Many USB-C cable carry different properties - please use the provided cable to charge.
To charge - Remove Doorbell unit from mounting backet using the SIM card tool, and switch off camera unit. Connect to provided USB-C cable - the Doorbell light should alternate blue and orange to indicate charging. Once complete, light will remain solid orange until disconnected and Doorbell unit turned back on.

How long does the battery take to charge?
Charge time is dependent on the cable and power adapter used. Power adapters do not come equal - some will offer quicker charge rates than others. The camera will flash orange/blue while charging, and will show solid orange once complete. Usually around 4 hours to fully charge. Many USB-C cable carry different properties - please use the provided cable to charge.

Will I be notified if the battery power is low?
Yes, via the Abode App

How long will the Doorbell battery last?
Battery length really is dependent on usage - a camera located at the door of a busy household, with lots of traffic, will deplete significantly quicker than one located on a single person residence with minimal traffic.
The amount of live feeds actioned will also increase the battery consumption.
In a general environment, the battery should last a significant amount of time before requiring charging.

Do I need to unmount the doorbell to charge the battery? How long does it take to charge the battery?
Yes, the doorbell needs to be removed from its mount to recharge the battery. The battery should fully charge in about 4 hours. The camera unit cannot be used while charging.

Can I activate 24/7 recording on my Doorbell Camera?
No - 24/7 recording is not available for this unit.

How loud is the doorbell chime?
The included Chime volume is comparable to a regular home doorbell chime

Can I extend the sound by connecting more than one chime?
Not at this time, but using CUE Automations and other integrations (such as Alexa and Google Assistant) there are solutions for extending the chime notifications and sounds.

What are the requirements to install the doorbell (hardware/tools/internet speed)?
The Wireless Video Doorbell comes with both a flat wall mount, and 30 degree angled wall mount, which can be screwed to the desired location using the included hardware. A drill will be needed to drill pilot holes for the screws, and a screwdriver will be needed to install the wall mount hardware.

Internet upload speed of 0.5Mbps minimum is recommended for optimal usage.

How do I setup the Wireless Video Doorbell?
The setup process will be guided step-by-step using the Abode App for iOS and Android. The Abode Web App setup will not be supported.

Do you provide professional installation for the video doorbell?
Abode does not offer installation, but there are 3rd party smart home device installers who may be able to assist with the installation and setup process.

Can I replace my existing doorbell with the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell? If so, can I wire the doorbell camera to my existing chime?
You can replace your existing doorbell, however it is designed to be used with its own Chime and will not connect to existing doorbell chimes or hardwiring. The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is completely wired with no hardwired option.

If you would like to replace your existing wired doorbell with the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell, please terminate exposed wires with end caps and cover the opening in the wall with the Abode Doorbell wall mount.

Can I use the doorbell with my existing chime and the video doorbell's chime?
No, the unit is designed to use only the included Chime

Can I use the doorbell without the chime? Will two-way talk work without the Chime?
No, you cannot use the doorbell without the Chime. The Doorbell connects wirelessly to the Chime for optimal battery-life and stability.

Can you angle the video doorbell?
Yes, the doorbell comes supplied with a 30 degree wedge mount and offers a 160 degree field of view.

Is the video doorbell weatherproof?
The Doorbell is rated to IP65 outdoor spec

Do I need to purchase a separate plan for the camera to record video?
The Wireless Video Doorbell can be used without an Abode plan, however the Standard Plan minimum will be required to record video clips.

What is the maximum length of a video clip?
The maximum recording length is 30 seconds, however the default length will be 15 seconds

Is the video doorbell compatible with HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa?
The Doorbell will integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa. There are no plans to integrate with HomeKit at this time.

Can I store videos locally using an SD card?
No, all video is stored in the cloud

What is the resolution and max FPS of the camera?
The doorbell has full HD 2k resolution. The FPS will match the Abode Cam 2 at 20FPS

What is the operating temperature of the video doorbell?
-4° to 122° Fahrenheit

Can I customize the Chime sounds?
Currently there will be just one default chime sound, however CUE Automations can be used with various integrations to provide customized sounds.

Does the video doorbell support RTSP

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