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Video Doorbell Installation Guide
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Installation Guide

1. Plan the Doorbell Location

In order to get the best performance out of your Video Doorbell, it is vital to understand how it works, and with knowledge, position it in the best location.

How it works: The Video Doorbell operates with a PIR motion sensor which, when motion is detected, will wake up the Doorbell. As the Doorbell unit is battery powered, it will sleep when not in use in order to preserve battery life.

A button press on the Doorbell unit will also wake it up, if it has not already been awakened by motion detected.

The doorbell unit can be set to record on either ‘All Motion’ or ‘Smart Detect’ (Person, Pet and Package) as per your preference.

For best results, ensure the Doorbell has a clear line of sight for approaching people. As the camera will only wake up once motion is detected, and this will take a second or two, position the camera so that the PIR sensor will have a good line of sight to approaching people, allowing the camera to wake up prior to reaching the doorbell.

Try to avoid installing the camera unit close to a sidewall - a close sidewall may affect the PIR sensor. If you do need to locate close to a sidewall, make use of the angled bracket to point the camera slightly away from the sidewall.



2. Install Bracket

Use a 1/16" (2mm) drill bit to drill a pilot hole for the screws. Install the bracket at least 1.2m high. Install the bracket into the desired position, using either the Flat Mounting Bracket, or Wedge Mounting Bracket as required.

If using the Flat Mounting Bracket, ensure that the bracket is installed with the correct orientation.



For drywall or masonry installation

See the included wall anchor and a 7/32" (5.5mm) drill bit to drill a pilot hole. Gently hammer the wall anchor into the pilot hole. Install the screw into the wall anchor hole using a Philips screw driver, leaving just enough of the screw head exposed to firmly slide the camera mount over.

3. Mount Doorbell Unit

The Doorbell unit will clip easily into the Mounting Bracket. Ensure that the Doorbell unit is installed with the correct orientation, with the Doorbell button to the bottom.

To remove the Doorbell unit from the Mounting Bracket for charging, use a SIM tray ejector tool in the hole in the bottom of the Mounting Bracket to eject the Doorbell unit (tool provided in box).

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