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Can I use Abode without a plan?
You can– the plan-less option gives you the option of controlling and self-monitoring, viewing live video, taking advantage of our integrations, and getting push notifications. It does not have a timeline, store captured video content, or let you execute automations.

How does billing work?
You can select monthly or annual billing on Pro or Standard Plans. The Standard Plan costs $6.99/month and the Pro Plan Costs $24.99/month.

If you choose to do an annual plan the Standard Plan is just $69.99/year and the Pro Plan is $229.99/year after your first-year promotional rate.

Do the systems come with a SIM card or do I need to supply one?
All of our starter kits ship with SIM cards already installed regardless of the plan you select. Once you activate your Pro plan the SIM card will connect to a cellular network as needed. If it needs to be replaced, contact our Support Team and we will issue a new one.

Can I take advantage of integrations without a plan?
Yes, you can. All of our integrations like HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos, and more are available without a plan totally free.

Where is your monitoring center based?
We have two monitoring centers located in the USA.

Can I transfer my plan?
Your plan is tied to your account, rather than your Hub. If you choose to upgrade your Hub, or move house and leave your old Hub behind, you can transfer your account and plan to your new Hub.

If you move house and leave your Hub for the new owner, the new owner will need to purchase their own plan.

Can I get cell backup without professional monitoring?
You cannot, cell backup is only available on the Pro Plan which includes professional monitoring.

Can I create automations without a plan?
You can create them but they will not run without the Standard or Pro plan.

Can I still use cameras without a plan?
You can. There are no limitations to the amount of cameras on your system but you won’t have access to any recorded clips on our free plan.

How does your system alert for medical emergencies?
This requires a Panic Button and the Pro Plan. When you pair a Panic Button with your system you can write to us at requesting that Panic Button signals a medical emergency to the professional monitoring service.

How much does the annual plan cost?
If purchased at the same time as your Home Secruity System, the annual plan for Pro is $150 and Standard is $69.99. Each year after, the Pro plan is $229.99/year and the Standard Plan is $69.99/year. You will automatically be billed for the annual plan unless otherwise specified that you would prefer to be billed monthly.

Do you offer cellular backup and professional monitoring in Canada?
We do! Both cellular backup and professional monitoring are available across Canada. The only exception is that professional monitoring is not available in Quebec, at this time.

Do my automations and geofences save if I cancel my plan?
They do, however they will not be usable. Automations and geofences require our Standard or Pro Plan.

Do you offer On Demand Monitoring?
We do not offer a specific On Demand Monitoring service.

You can trial the pro plan for a month if you have never tried one of our plans before, which will renew as a paid service if you do not cancel.

If you are already on a Plan, you can, at anytime, choose to upgrade your existing Plan to the Pro Plan, and any remaining paid time will be pro rated off the price.

Upgrading to the Pro Plan will be on the same billing cycle as your existing Plan - i.e. if you are on Standard Yearly Plan, you will be upgraded to the Pro Yearly Plan.

If you then cancel the Pro Plan, you will be moved back to the No Plan tier at the end of the billing period.

You cannot change billing cycles without canceling your Plan.

Account Management and Incident Reporting
If you wish to delete your account, you can do so from within the mobile app, under Menu > Profile. Alternatively, please reach out via the Live Chat, or the support team at

If you wish to report a security incident, please reach out via the Live Chat, or the support team at

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