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How Do I Prevent False Alarms?
How Do I Prevent False Alarms?
Written by Cath Smith
Updated over a week ago

We're human. False alarms do happen. According to our monitoring analysis these are usually caused by a person in the household (family, roommate, maintenance worker) who opens a door/window and doesn't realize the system is armed. Below are some common causes of false alarms and best practices to prevent them.

False Alarm Fees

Alarms (including false alarms) that occur without an alarm permit in jurisdictions that require a permit can lead to expensive fees. Please make sure your monitored alarm system has an alarm permit if required. Learn more about alarm permits here.

Lengthen the duration of your entry/exit delays

If your entry and exit delays are not long enough then you may not be able to disarm the system or leave your home before causing an alarm to trigger. Change your time delay by going to the main Menu(≡) in your Abode App. Tap on "System Settings" > "Time Delay", and increase the delay times as needed.

Keep track of your monitoring PIN

Our professional monitoring center requires a 4-digit PIN to verify your identity in the event of an alarm. If there is a false alarm you will also need to provide your PIN to the monitoring center to cancel the emergency response. If you do not have your pin, or provide an incorrect pin to the monitoring center during an alarm, police may dispatch. This may leading to a false alarm fee. Commit your PIN to memory and document it in a secure location. Learn more about monitoring PIN codes here.

Test your system before arming to make sure large pets do not trigger motion detection

If large pets will be at home when your system is armed, first test and refine the placement of motion sensor and motion activated cameras to make sure your pet is not triggering motion detection. A few workarounds may be placing a motion sensor higher on the wall to clear your pet as they walk around the house, or consider using door sensors and glass break sensors in place of motion sensors in rooms frequented by pets.

Provide proper access to guests and family

Making sure family, friends, and visitors are aware of your Abode system and how to use. Invite trusted members of your family to install the Abode App so they can disarm the system if needed. Consider placing an Abode Keypad 2 or Key Fob in a convenient location for visitors to access and disarm your system.

Arm your system into Home mode rather than Away mode when you are home (e.g. overnight)

At night arm your system into Home mode, not Away mode. Home mode enables only perimeter-protecting devices, leaving you free to move about inside your house without triggering an alarm.

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