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Arming and Disarming Your System
Arming and Disarming Your System
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The Abode system allows you to arm and disarm your security system in a number of different ways.
Before we learn how to arm, lets have a look at the different arming Modes


This is the default 'Off' mode - the system is unarmed, and devices will not trigger alarms. CUE Automations will still run, but you can freely move around the system, opening and closing doors, etc, without the worry of setting off an alarm event.


This is a traditional perimeter arming mode, normally used for securing the residence at night when you go to sleep. Perimeter devices such as door and window sensors will be armed, however internal motion sensor will not be, allowing you to move within the residence freely.


This is a full system arming mode, designed for when you leave the residence. All devices will be armed.
With most devices, the Home and Away mode settings can be configured to suit your individual requirements.

Arming and Disarming

Via the mobile app:

Using the arming buttons across the top of the app dashboard, you can quickly set your system into Home, Away, or Standby Modes. If you have you mobile app linked to your Smart Watch, you can arm the system from this as well.

Via Devices

The KeyFob and Keypad both allow you to arm the system without the need to access your Smart Device.

Both devices allow you to change between all the arming modes easily.

Via a CUE Automation

Using Abode's CUE Automation system, you can set your system to arm and disarm automatically based on a number of different triggers.
For example, you can set the system to arm into Away mode automatically when your smart device leaves a set location, or set the system to Standby mode every morning at 6am

For more information on creating CUE Automation, please visit the help article here

Via Voice Control and 3rd Party Integrations

Linking your Abode system to a 3rd party system like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Alexa opens up the use of voice control to arm and disarm you system.

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