Billing Overview
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Abode Store (

We accept the following payment methods at our online store:

  • Credit/debit card

  • PayPal

    • PayPal balace

    • Credit/debit card via PayPal

    • PayPal Credit

  • Instalments (offered at checkout)

Abode Plans

Your payment card can be updated in the Abode App. Follow our detailed guide here to access your plans management page. This process varies slightly depending on where you purchased your plan (directly from Abode, via Apple on an iOS device, or via Google on an Android device). Once your billing method is updated, the next time a transaction is processed we will use the new credit card information.

Failed Transaction Process

In the event of a failed transaction, you will receive an email notifying you of the transaction attempt.

If we are unable to process the transaction, your Abode account will automatically be downgraded to no plan (free). When this happens, your account will be subject to the terms of the new plan. Existing images and video clips in your timeline will be deleted in accordance with the new plan rules and are NOT recoverable once they have been deleted. Automations created in CUE will not be deleted, but will not be operable until the service plan is restored.

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