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Written by Cath Smith
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The Device List and Groups area allows you to get a clear overview of the devices in your system by grouping of devices into meaningful categories.

Like devices are now grouped in icons across the top of the screen, and Groups are attributed a color (not customisable). Default preset Rooms are present for Groups, while you still have the ability to create custom Groups.

Group Tiles will display devices that can be actioned (e.g. turned on or off) with am icon that can be tapped to action. Tiles will also display relevant info from a device - for example if a Temperature Sensor is contained within that group, the temperature will display within the tile.

<a href="mailto:img_screenshots_iphone_13_pro_device_groups_7@3x.jpg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">img_screenshots_iphone_13_pro_device_groups_7@3x.jpg</a>

For Example, if a Group is set to a room containing a Multi Sensor, the Temperature will be displayed on the Tile.

In the event 2 devices are the same (eg 2 Multi Sensors in the same Group) the Tile will only display the information from the first device added.

Groups are best used to assign devices to Rooms.

โ€‹Note: Devices can only be in 1 Group at any one time.

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