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Abode Lock Troubleshooting
Abode Lock Troubleshooting
Written by Cath Smith
Updated over a week ago

If you're having issues with your Abode Lock, you're in the right place. Below you will find tips on troubleshooting your lock. If you have further issues after reviewing the troubleshooting below, please reach out to our support team at

Lock turning the incorrect way

The Abode Lock can be mounted on the inside of the door on either the left hand or the right hand side of the door.

This requires the Lock to be able to lock in either direction, depending on the mounting position.

The Lock will report as Unlocked when the Thumb Lever is in the full upright position, and Locked when the Thumb Lever is turned either fully clockwise or counter clockwise.

Which way the app turns the lock is dependant on the position of the Thumb Lever when the lock is paired into the system.

If you need a Left Side mounted lock (default) with the Lock unlocking by turning clockwise, ensure the Thumb Lever is turned fully to the left before pairing.

If you need a Right Side mounted lock, with the Lock unlocking by turning counter clockwise, then ensure the Thumb Lever is turned fully to the right prior to onboarding in the app.

If you have accidentaly paired your lock with the Thumb Lever in the wrong direction, and the lock is turning the incorrect way, remove your lock from the Abode app, factory reset it, ensure the Thumb Lever is in the correct position, and onboard into the app again.

Lock does not fully retract the bolt

The Abode Lock come with 4 different adaptors. The Red and Green adaptors have specific 'slots' for the deadbolt tailpiece, whereas the Blue and Yellow adaptors have the same size slot, but a different angle to suit a different angled tailpiece.

When installing the Abode Lock, ensure the deadbolt is fully retracted to the unlocked position, and note the tailpiece angle.

Is the tail piece is horizontal or vertical, then the Blue adaptor should be used. If the tailpiece is angled to 45 degrees, then the Yellow adaptor should be used.

Ensure the adaptor is installed, secureand fully inserted into the Abode Lock, prior to mounting the Lock onto the door.

Ensure when mounting the Abode Lock, the Thumb Lever is in the upright, unlocked position, and the Deadbolt is fully retracted to the Unlocked position

Note the adaptors can be rotated to get the correct fit.

If you are finding the Lock is not fully retracting, try swapping the adaptor to the different angle, to ensure it is rotating fully.

Wireless Keypad not responding

Ensure the Keypad is paired to the lock - re-pair this from the option with the mobile app.

No Lights on the Lock - Lock not responsive

Ensure the Lock battery is charged. To charge the battery, remove the battery by squeezing the sides of the outer cover, and removing from the face of the lock. The battery can then be lifted out of the top of the lock and charged using the USB-C charging cable supplied.

The Battery will display a red light while charging, and a green light once fully charged

Factory Reset Your Lock

There may be times when you need to factory reset your lock.

To action this:

  • Remove the Lock from the Abode mobile app

  • Remove the cover of the Lock

  • Hold the reset button down on the left hand side of the Lock, for approx 5-6 seconds, until the operation light turns green, then red.

The Lock will now be reset, and can be onboarded from scratch.

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