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Plans Activation Troubleshooting
Plans Activation Troubleshooting
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I’ve purchased my plan under a different email than my Abode accont

  1. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device, select the Menu (≡).

  2. Tap your name to open your Profile.

  3. Tap “Plan Details”.

  4. Scroll down and select “Activate your plan” and enter your Order ID (6 digit number e.g #1111111) and email used to purchase your plan.

I don’t know what email I used to purchase the plan or my order ID
Find the email we sent you after you place your order. The email subject will contain your Order ID and the words “Order Confirmation” in the subject line. Your Order ID starts with "#" followed by 6 numbers.

I purchased the wrong plan, how can I swap plans?
If you are within 14 days, please contact Support at and we can help you swap your plan.

I was given a “pre-paid code” to redeem my plan. Where do I enter this code?

  1. Using your computer head to and sign into your Abode account.

  2. Navigate to "Account" > "Billing" from ther right-hand navigation menu.

  3. Select “I Already Purchased a Plan" at the top right.

  4. Enter your prepaid code and click “Activate Service”.

When I try to activate my plan I get an error message

  • Please check that your address is a valid address. We recommend typing the address in Google Maps to check if it's accepted.

  • Check if your phone number and your emergency contacts phone numbers are correct. If any of the phone numbers are invalid, your service will fail to activate.

  • If you live in Canada, please make sure your Postal Code has a space between the first 3 and last 3 characters.

  • Check that your hub is online and your network is accessible. If your hub is offline you won't be able to activate your service.

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